Böckmann - First Class Transportation. Since 1956.

A success story that began in 1956: By using our trailers for our own horses, we were able to make our products better and better with each passing year. In this way, Böckmann became the market leader for horse trailers in Germany – and one of the leading trailer brands in Europe. Today, the Böckmann Group has more than 350 employees. More than 500,000 trailers have been produced in our vehicle factory and shipped all across the globe. All of our innovations have one thing in common: only those prototypes that live up to our own high standards – and are good enough for our own horses – will go into production. That’s the way it has been since 1956, and it’s not going to change in the future. You have the word of the entire Böckmann family – an equestrian family if there ever was one.

Horse Trucks - Handmade in Germany. Since 1956.

With 50 years of first-hand experience in equestrian sports, Böckmann offers a wide range of special solutions. Among these specialties are our exclusive Horse Trucks, which leave nothing to be desired. When building a Horse Truck, we only have one directive, from planning the interior to putting the finishing touches: the individual needs and wishes of our customers! From the horse partition to the living and sleeping rooms – every detail is meticulously designed and custom-made by hand in Lastrup. The Böckmann Truck Center in Lastrup is absolutely unique in Germany. Here, visitors can explore our entire range of products, including new and used vehicles, numerous show apartments and a large selection of individual equipment options.

Röwer & Rüb Equestrian Equipment – Quality, Style and Experience

Just as you set high performance standards for yourself and your horse, as manufacturers for over 40 years of high quality equestrian stabling systems, we expect nothing less than the very best in the design and manufacture of our buildings.


Through a continual process of research and development, our aim is to offer you the highest standards of safety and quality. Valuing in depth consultation, our highly qualified team will work closely with you to meet all your needs and ensure a first class service. Our customers include equestrian sports enthusiasts from all over the world.

  • horse stalls
  • loose boxes
  • horse walker
  • lunging arenas
  • barn doors, gatest and windows
  • stable accessoies

PEMF Therapy for Horses

 For over 20 years, ACTIVO-MED has been a premium manufacturer of therapy and training-supporting systems in equestrian sports. It is one of the world's leading companies in the field of PEMF therapy.

ACTIVO-MED has set itself the task of increasing the well-being and performance of horses and riders. Pulsating magnetic fields can be used both before training to warm up or after work to relax the muscles. Additional massage modules increase the effect. The most famous magnetic field systems are the Impulse Line horse blankets and leg wraps. These cover the entire horse's body, including the neck, shoulder and knee area, in a magnetic field. The frequency and intensity of the magnetic field can be adapted to the respective requirements and needs of the horse. The blankets are supplied with 18 preset programs. An individual adjustment is still possible later.
Other Impulse Line products are the Power Pad, the Hoof Boots, the Wave-Light-Pulse (WLP) shower and the WLP Pointer. With these devices, specific parts of the body can be treated in a very targeted manner. These smaller systems are available as components. Owners of a ceiling can use the existing control and battery.
The Impulse Line magnetic field systems have been established for many years with veterinarians, horse therapists and riders. The Lüsche Animal Clinic, the Fehmbusch Therapy Center, the Schönfelder Mühle Horse Practice, Isabell Werth, Elmar Lesch and Scott Brash are named as representatives of many satisfied customers.

Summerwind Horse Solariums

Summerwind horse solariums have established themselves as the best devices of their kind worldwide. The patented air circulation system prevents heat loss. The continuous circulation of air dries the horse evenly from all sides and prevents post-exercise sweating.


Advantages of sunning:

improved wound healing, since UV rays have a disinfecting effect

activation of hormone system results in improved performance in stallions and improved fertility in mares

warms and relaxes tendons and muscles


Due to an integrated lift – the only one currently on the market – the installation of a ceiling box or hoist is not necessary. Safety belts with a length of 7 meters are used, which means that they can be used for any ceiling height – even roof slopes are fine.


The device’s innovative technology also extends to its design. Only high-quality materials such as stainless steel and powder-coated aluminum are used for the housing.


The developments at Summerwind continue. In recent years, horse blanket dryers that work particularly efficiently with warm air have also been added. Riding hall mirrors and mobile irrigation systems complete the portfolio of equestrian equipment accessories.

Haferboy® - in demand all over the world since 1972

Freshly crushed oats are the staple food of a horse diet geared towards health, performance and energy. Developed by Sommer and first introduced in 1972, Haferboy® grain crushers are popular all over the world. Nearly 40,000 satisfied customers around the globe use their Haferboy® every day. Customers include internationally renowned dressage and show jumping riders, stud farms, racecourses, riding and driving associations, private and public stallion keepers, horse farms and - last, but not least - thousands of enthusiastic hobby equestrians, carriage drivers and breeders.


We continuously develop the Haferboy® to provide a wide range of grain crushers for the various types of requirements of horse keepers and other users in the fields of agriculture and nutrition. Our machines are exceedingly durable and reliable even under severe operating conditions.


In Osnabruck, Sommer produce Haferboy® grain crushers and supplementary equipment of master craftsman’s quality. The sales department offers competent advice for selecting the perfect machine for customers’ individual requirements, and guarantee the extraordinarily high quality of our products, which means that customers can rely on the customer service even after decades of use.

St. Hippolyt – Feeding like nature intended

The horse owner wishes his sport and leisure partner to have health, motivation and performance.


A shining coat, healthy skin and strong hoofs are external signs of the horse’s well-being. Easy to ride, docility and reliability are further factors that can be influenced by nutrition. St. Hippolyt’s mission is to ensure the horse‘s health and vitality on a long-term basis. Preconditions for this are a high level of expertise and technical knowledge. As well as long-term empirical experience, tailor-made solutions also require experience and basic knowledge of nutritional science and sport medicine.


Nature, science, technique and marketing go hand in hand when it comes to the development and production of high-quality horse feed.

EQUITANA – Equestrian Sports World Fair

EQUITANA is the international buying platform for all riders, horse people and equine experts. An enormous product variety, new trends and current novelties are guaranteed - the whole equestrian market at a glance. But EQUITANA is more than just a fair. It stands for purchasing & shopping, information & innovation, education & entertainment, sport & show.


The absolute highlight of EQUITANA is the HOP TOP Show. Great dressage acts, breathtaking stunts, fascinating images and expressive music – for years the HOP TOP Show has been immensely successful as an integral part of EQUITANA. With the STALLIONS breeding gala show, EQUITANA provides a special warmblood breeding forum aimed in particular at breeders and those interested in horse breeding.

PEER-SPAN – the first choice for Olympic, World and European champions!

PEER-SPAN GmbH has been producing bedding for horse stalls according to highest ecological requirements for more than 20 years. The commitment to high quality and purity of the products has made PEERSPAN the market leader in Germany.


PEER-SPAN bedding shavings, granules, pellets and showground shavings: Olympic, World and European champions as well as renowned jumping and dressage horses recover from training and competition on PEER-SPAN like no other.


International jumping riders such as Janne Friederike Meyer and Sören von Rönne, as well as the Holsteiner Verband, with its world famous horses rely on PEER-SPAN. Can there be a better recommendation?


PEER-SPAN - premium wood shavings especially for stables

  • Wood shavings normal
  • Wood granules
  • Wood shavings VOLUME
  • Horse pellets

Hanoverians – Success all over the world

They have been bred in Lower Saxony for centuries and around the globe for decades: Hanoverians. The high international reputation of this race is impressively underlined by the successes of Hanoverian athletes at Olympic Games, World and European championships as well as international championships. In addition characteristics such as their composure, reliability and intelligence make them ideal partners for pleasure riders.

With around 16,000 registered broodmares and over 300 stallions, Hanover occupies a leading position worldwide and also has a significant influence on many other riding horse breeds.


The Verden auctions are outstanding showcases for this breed. The auction system has proven for decades and is internationally renowned. Every year more than 1,000 Hanoverians find new owners at Verden, nearly half of them are sold abroad.

Regupol® Equestrian Flooring: kind to hooves, durable, economic

Using Regupol®, its well-known brand material, BSW has developed a range of elastic floor and wall covering for the equine sector. Regupol® products provide the animals with a permanently elastic base to stand on. The floor possesses both insulating and slip-resistance properties. The result is a calming effect which makes horses feel at ease. Injuries, inflammations and stress are reduced. The acoustic insulating properties of Regupol® floor covering ensures a quiet and tranquil environment. The hooves of unshoed horses will not suffer or exhibit any signs of wear. For more than 30 years Regupol® floor covering has provided the ideal solution for keeping horses in an economic and clean environment that is suited to their needs.