GHI provides consultation

The consulting philosophy of GHI Consulting GmbH centers on cooperation based on partnership and on fully identifying with our clients and their problems. Our main objective is to work closely with our client’s management to define goals and measures and to implement them together with our clients. This is how we ensure the success of the consultation object.


The support we provide to our clients is based on more than 25 years of in-depth knowledge of the horse and equestrian sports industry, as well as on a network of specialists with individual problem-solving approaches and alternative concepts. One of our goals is to provide expert knowledge to companies in this specific industrial sector to generate success and profit.

Key consulting areas for companies:

  • Marketing and communication strategies
  • Analysis of companies’ export capabilities in the horse industry sector
  • Advice on how to open up new sales markets
  • Elements of human resources consulting
  • Training in intercultural communication
  • Project consulting and management

An additional key service is to support international clients in finding and selecting suitable partners for their equestrian sports projects. Here, we can either offer a comprehensive one-stop service via the GHI network or bring together individual partners – always ensuring the reliability and respectability of all involved parties.

Key consulting areas for projects and agents:

  • Equestrian facility planning
  • Equestrian facility equipping
  • Racecourse equipping
  • Equine medical facility equipping
  • Event planning and management
  • Horses, horse breeding, training for riders and horses
  • Equine health and nutrition, horse-keeping
  • Transportation solutions for horses
  • Equestrian sports stores