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Update for the Big Portax

Sometimes you need a bit more space. Böckmann’s Big Portax has an aluminium body and provides a fantastic amount of space. And now Böckmann has redesigned the walk-in tack room in this robust two horse trailer, adding very well thought out features. New: the partition wall between the horse compartment and tack room now continues up to the roof which keeps dust and leftover hay out of the tack room. The tack room in the Big Portax has enough space for a large saddle box.



Böckmann has paid special attention to the rider's convenience: there is a folding seat, plus a bootjack, extra feeding troughs, storage nets and shelving in the bow to complete the package. The strong shelving can take heavy weights. The shelves have holes in them, making them easy to clean.



With an internal width of 1.85 metres – 15 to 20 centimetres more than on most horse trailers – there is plenty of room for large warmbloods. The internal height is 240cm, providing ample headroom, and incidentally exactly the same as in the new Compact truck models. The ramp is 180cm long which means it lies almost flat.



The multifunctional Big Portax lets you take big horses and a fair amount of luggage with you on your travels. More information at or at your local dealer.