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Olympic riders buy in Verden

Until the third last riding horse had to be waited for the top price of the online auction in November. The gelding named Silence achieved the highest price of 59,500 Euros.

At the last Verden auction of the year, the 55 highly interesting dressage and show jumping horses achieved an average price of 19,755 Euros. The collection was completed by eleven two and a half year olds, which found a new owner for an average of 15,364 Euros. Among the buyers of riding horses and youngsters were three Olympic riders from the three Olympic disciplines.


The bidding went on and on until it was clear that Silence by Secret/Florencio (breeder and exhibitor: Hans-Jürgen Bredemeier, Grönwohl), who has the best quality of movement, would find a new home in the very north of Germany for 59,500 Euros. An investor from Schleswig-Holstein will send him in a training stable in Flensburg. About three hours earlier, another Secret son had already provided a first exclamation mark. As an overture of the online auction, the black movement artist San Serai ZK by Secret/Don Marcello (breeder and exhibitor: Torben zur Kammer, Munster) was sold to Great Britain for 45,500 Euros.


The best paid show jumper was the Colman/Escudo son Camelot PJ (breeder and exhibitor: Pferdezucht Dr. Jacobs GbR, Bierbergen). The athletic bay has already been successful in competitions as the runner-up in the free jumping championships in Verden and has two half-siblings, Special One and Qui Rit PJ, who are successful on the international stage. A renowned trainer from North Rhine-Westphalia received the virtual knockdown at 33,000 Euros.


Twenty times the winning bid went to international clients. In addition to buyers from Europe, customers from the USA and South Africa came to the auction. 15 horses achieved prices of 25,000 Euros and more.


Among the two-year-old stallions, the Bon Courage/Honour Prize son Bon Prix (breeder: ZG Lenzen, Heinsberg, exhibitor: Willy Lenzen, Heinsberg) was ahead in the race for the top price. He was auctioned off for 30,500 Euros to a Spanish customer who has already discovered numerous talents in Verden and brought them into the Grand Prix arena.


It was the final event of the riding horse auctions this year. From December 1 to 3, however, it will be exciting once again in the Niedersachsenhalle. Then the ring for the licensing and stallion sales belongs to the young jumping stallions. In addition, the Hannoveraner Show Jumping Masters for four to eight-year-olds will be held.


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