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Santa María Equestrian Club is expanding its facilities

Sotoancho builds a horse walker and a circular arena from Röwer & Rüb in Sotogrande.

The level of the equestrian center, the tournament calendar and the great weather all year make the Santa María Equestrian Club to one of the most attractive equestrian clubs in the world.


Seven riding arenas, four of them of international standard and stables for 160 horses, give an impression of the dimensions of this club.


The equestrian center is located on the Puente de Hierro in the beautiful surroundings of Sotogrande in the province of Cadiz.


The expansion of the Santa María Equestrian Club is in full swing. Training and competition conditions should now be as good for the winter as it is for the summer season.


A covered circular hall and a semi-covered walker were installed in the area of the training facilities. So the horses can be trained well even in bad weather.

The Freimatic horse walker is robust and requires little maintenance. The modular design makes it possible to expand the system for more horses at any time. The diameter of the horse walker is 15 meters and the track is 2.40 meters wide. The outside and inside fence is made of hot-dip galvanized steel, pine planks and hardwood planks on the floor.

In the circular hall, with a diameter of 15 meters, horses can be lunged even in bad weather. Of course, the circular hall also protects against excessive sunlight. The natural air exchange prevents hot air from building up.

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