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Sotoancho equipped Veterinary Hospital of the University of Murcia

The equine clinic has improved its facilities assisted by Sotoancho Instalaciones Hípicas. All the aisles and examinating and radiology room floors have been covered by a no-slippery and easy to clean material.

Sotoancho Vet Hospital Murca Regupol 1 (1) Rubber Flooring

The floor used is Regupol Horseline, manufactured by the German company BSW. This rubber floor, with a 12 mm thickness is glued to the pre-existing floor. The rubber seal between floor and walls are waterproofed and prevents leakage and accumulation of fluid under it.


The facility has 2 general anaesthesia induction and recovery stalls. They have been improved with a padded floor that is soft and not-slippery, it is continuous between walls and floor and very safe and durable for the equine patient.

The junction between aisles and examination rooms are continuous and the seals prevent any irregularity or leakage. It is easy to disinfect and it has a very professional appearance.


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