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Highly estimated stallions

The Hanoverian Yearbook Stallions 2019 has been released. The current breed value estimation and plenty of information on the stallions can be found on over 600 pages.

Besides, all young stallions that have been entered in the stallion book I of the Hannoveraner Verband for the first time in 2018, are shown in detail with photos and description. New is the information about WFFS test results.


The Yearbook features all stallions accepted for Hanover including data and facts about the results achieved at the stallion performance tests, show successes, breed values from mare performance tests, studbook registrations, auction selections and competitions. The book also provides information on accomplishments of progeny, the number of licensed sons, daughters with a state premium award and auction horses. WFFS – Warmblood Fragile Foal Symptone – is one of the topics that concern sport horse breeders worldwide. The test results, if available at the time of printing, can also be found in the Hanoverian Yearbook Stallions.


The stallions that have been recently approved for the Hanoverian breed are shown in detail with brilliant photos, pedigree and information on the dam line, complemented by the results of the stallion performance test or show results. The Yearbook Stallions is completed by alphabetical lists about the breed value of all stallions as well as by an extensive directory in the illustrated section, featuring information on the year of publication.


The price for the 2019 Hanoverian Stallion Yearbook will be Euro 25 plus freight charges and can be ordered with the Hannoveraner Verband e.V.,


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