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Amazing warm-up of the auction year

Pure Boy sold at 87,000 Euro to France

The Verden Auction in January was an amazing warm-up at the beginning of the 2018 auction season. And, once again, it was a jumper that became highest-priced horse of the day: Pure Boy was sold at 87,000 Euro. An average auction sales price of 18,590 Euro underlines the quality of the 90 riding horses.


He was already rewarded with applause the day before the auction: Pure Boy by Perigueux/Acorado (breeder and exhibitor: Rolf Trute, Cremlingen) convinced with scope and potential and a modern conformation. “Vive la France,” declared auctioneer Bernd Hickert when accepting the bid at 87,000 Euro.  Bids for this youngster rapidly changed between the left and the right side of the stands. The bay horse was sold to the French show jumping rider Pascal Fatien who lives and trains in Portugal. He had already purchased a horse at the Verden Elite Auction in autumn last year.


The Don Frederic/Escudo-son Dujardin (breeder and exhibitor: Henning Schulze, Tiddische) changed owner at 55,000 Euro. The eagerly moving black futurity prospect became the highest-priced dressage horse of the Verden auction in January.


It was the first time that a high-quality collection of ten three-year-old stallions complemented the January collection. They were sold at an average price of 11,050 Euro.


Approx. one third of the horses will leave Germany. Customers from Spain and Switzerland purchased each seven riding horses, customers from France five youngsters. “It was the first time that the collection featured more jumpers than dressage horses. The dressage horse breeders still have all opportunities at the other Verden sales events in 2018,” said Auction Manager Jörg-Wilhelm Wegener. “Apart from that, many top-class German show stables successfully acquired futurity prospects with the result that many of the Verden auction horses will show up again at future sports events.”


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The Perigueux/Acorado-Son Pure Boy was the top horse at the Hanoverian Auction in January. Copyright: Tammo Ernst

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    Thea (Tuesday, 23 January 2018 22:45)

    It was an amazing collection!

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    selinajasmin00 (Wednesday, 04 April 2018 13:45)

    He was at that point compensated with praise the day preceding the sale: Pure Boy by Perigueux/Acorado (raiser and exhibitor: Rolf True, Cremlingen) persuaded with extension and potential and an advanced affirmation. "Vive la France," pronounced barker Bernd Hickert while tolerating the offer at 87,000 Euro. Offers for this adolescent quickly changed between the left and the correct side of the stands. The sound steed was sold to the French show hopping rider Pascal Fatien who lives and prepares in Portugal. He had just obtained a steed at the Verden Elite Auction in harvest time a year ago. <a href="">Do my assignment for me</a>