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The perfect match for everybody

Two-day Verden Auction on July 14 + 15


It is the first time that the Verden Auction in July will be held on two days: The foals will be put up for auction on Friday, the riding horses on Saturday. The foal auction with 78 foals in the Niedersachsenhalle will start on July 14 at 06:00 pm, the auction with the 96 riding horses on July 15 as of 02:00 pm. Breeding and sports go together well in Verden: The Lower Saxonian horse show HA.LT, the championships of Pferdesportverband Hannover, will be held at the same time.


Thoroughly selected, rideability tested and vet checked – the Verden Auction in July provides the perfect four-legged partner for all disciplines and requirements. The auction collection features talented dressage and show jumping horses that have already successfully proven their capabilities at tournaments, but also reliable partners for popular sport and pleasure riding purposes. “We have accomplished to compile a collection, covering a wide spectrum of interests so that every rider will find his or her perfect match in Verden,” Auction Manager Jörg-Wilhelm Wegener says.


The auction candidates will arrive in Verden at the premises of the Training and Sales Centre of Hannoveraner Verband on July 3. Potential customers have the opportunity to test their preferred candidate the first time right after the launch presentation on July 8. The final presentation of the Verden Auction in July will start on Saturday, July 15, as of 09:00 pm, culminating in the auction at  02:00 pm, directed by the team of auctioneers Frederik De Backer and Bernd Hickert.


Not only the pedigrees, but also the quality of the foals born in 2017 was that excellent during the pre-selection that 78 foals in total were accepted for the Verden Auction in July. Some participants of the Lower Saxonian horse show HA.LT already seized the opportunity last year to secure the champions of tomorrow. The foals will be presented on Thursday, July 13, as of 06:00 pm in the outdoor arena on the tournament grounds. They will have their second public presentation on Friday, July 14, as of 11:30 am before they will put up for auction on the same day at 06:00 pm in the Niedersachsenhalle. The collection will be available on the Internet with pedigree information, photos and video clips before the auction.


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