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News from the Röwer & Rüb show park

In only a few days a new horsewalker with track roof will be installed at the Syker Strasse in Thedinghausen. The facility has a diameter of 15m and covers the track over a width of 3.80m. The base plates of the solid steel beams all face outwards. This means that any potential stumbling points for horses and riders have been eliminated. This model naturally does not have any hazardous wind bracing on the walls.


Since 1 July 2014, all buildings with a steel structure inside the EU must bear a CE mark. To obtain such a mark, the steel construction companies must be certified to EN 1090 Part I and must provide a performance declaration including a certificate for the customer. Building authorities are legally obliged to demand these documents. They are therefore mandatory. Röwer & Rüb is certified to EN 1090 Part I and II and supplies the required documents to all customers.


As Röwer & Rüb not only constantly develops and optimises the stable design, but also round arenas, horsewalkers and other equipment, the show park and the exhibition hall are naturally regularly updated and refitted. This ensures that all visitors can view, touch and test the latest equipment that complies with the state of the art.


For more information please visit or see the time laps of the construction if you click here...


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The new horse walker with a track roof at the Röwer&Rüb show park in Thedinghausen.