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Haferboy® - in demand all over the world since 1972

Freshly crushed oats are the staple food of a horse diet geared towards health, performance and energy. Developed by Sommer and first introduced in 1972, Haferboy® grain crushers are popular all over the world. Nearly 40,000 satisfied customers around the globe use their Haferboy® every day. Customers include internationally renowned dressage and show jumping riders, stud farms, racecourses, riding and driving associations, private and public stallion keepers, horse farms and - last, but not least - thousands of enthusiastic hobby equestrians, carriage drivers and breeders.

We continuously develop the Haferboy® to provide a wide range of grain crushers for the various types of requirements of horse keepers and other users in the fields of agriculture and nutrition. Nowadays, all types of grains can be processed with a Haferboy®, and our machines are exceedingly durable and reliable even under severe operating conditions.

In Osnabruck, we produce Haferboy® grain crushers and supplementary equipment of master craftsman’s quality. The quick-action rollers as the central functional elements, as well as the safety and ease of operation of Haferboy® grain crushers are considered exemplary technological achievements. Our sales department offers competent advice for selecting the perfect machine for customers’ individual requirements, and we guarantee the extraordinarily high quality of our products, which means that customers can rely on our customer service even after decades of use.


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