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It doesn't always have to be round - oval horsewalker in Ticino


Ticino is famous for its picturesque landscapes and its wines with their strong character. Horse-riding is another favourite pastime in the area.   Carlo Pfyffer, a famous Swiss show jumper and trainer, has extended and modernised his equestrian centre and decided to install an oval Röwer & Rüb horsewalker.



"We were given the complex task of integrating an oval horsewalker into an existing facility.  Our local partner Giovanni Listorti provided outstanding support and advice for Mr Pfyffer during his project.  From our viewpoint Mr Pfyffer used the available space to its maximum advantage," commented Ronny Bartelheimer, Röwer & Rüb horsewalker expert.  There was simply insufficient space for a round horsewalker at the site.  The new system is 9x16 metres in size and provides space for five horses at the same time.



Carlo Pfyffer provides support for horses and riders from around the world and is always focused on keeping his services up to the very latest standards.  The work has now been almost fully completed and the horses can be either trained or simply exercised in the new horsewalker.  We wish Mr Pfyffer continuing success and thank him very much for showing confidence in our company!



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