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Today: Böckmann - How to make your horse transporter ready for the winter

Winter is approaching and the days are getting shorter, and many Horse Truck owners are presented with the question: How do I make my horse transporter ready for the winter? It's not enough simply to park the vehicle up. Certain other requirements are necessary in order to be able to rely on the famous Böckmann quality after the winter. This starts with draining the water from the tanks. You must always carry out a thorough cleaning process, at least for hygienic reasons. In addition, it is also important to leave the drain valves open so that any backed-up residual water can escape in the event of frost. Failure to do this will almost certainly result in damage and expensive repairs.

Thorough external cleaning should always be part of the obligatory routine. This requires detailed work. Wheel housings, underbody and roof, all need washing down and everything should get a thorough cleaning. However, you must be careful with tyres and rubber seals. Powerful high-pressure washers can cause damage to sensitive points. In these cases it's best to revert to the tried and tested sponge method.

It is also advantageous to top-up the radiator and the screen wash with antifreeze. All the locks should be treated with lock spray. Of course, the driver's cab should also be thoroughly cleaned and allowed to dry with the window open.

Böckmann tip: Spray or rub the door and window seals with special rubber care products. Firstly this prevents the seals from freezing up and secondly it makes the seals supple again. This counteracts rapid ageing.

Leave all the cupboards, drawers and the refrigerator door open in the living quarters. One solution may be to leave a rolled-up towel between the door and the cupboard. The cushions on the seats must be placed upright at a suitable distance from the side walls. You should always: Ventilate the living quarters well at regular intervals. We recommend using a suitable fan heater to keep the temperature above freezing, because residual dampness can produce toxic mould and wooden furniture does not like temperatures near freezing point.

Böckmann tip: It won't hurt to place a few mousetraps in the living quarters and in the horse standing area. In this way you can prevent damage to electrics, PVC dividing walls and the high-quality interior fittings. By using room dehumidifier cushions (available from all DIY stores) you can ensure that the residual moisture is absorbed and does not deposit in the furnishings.

Check the technical systems! The vehicle battery and the auxiliary battery should be fully charged. Increase the tyre pressures by about 0.5 bar to prevent the tyres from developing a flat.


Böckmann tip: Fill the horse transporter fuel tank completely. This will prevent rust damage in the tank and expensive repairs.

The Böckmann Truck Center will be pleased to help with any work that needs to be carried out before the winter. Appointments can be made at any time to suit.


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