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OTTO-ArenaLevellers pass the Olympia Test

Equestrian Arena Constructors OTTO Sport present their new levellers

At OTTO Sport- und Reitplatz GmbH, major events such as the FEI World Equestrian Games 2010 in Kentucky or the upcoming Olympic Games in Brazil 2016 are considered daily business. However, the Bavarian family-owned company is not only an expert when it comes to equestrian surfaces. Arena levellers are among their range of products as well. Right now, OTTO Sport is presenting the new, revised models which are currently having their great moment in Rio, Brazil.


“Even easier, even faster and even less complicated than before” is how OTTO Sport’s CEO Wolfgang Otto sums up the features of the new levellers. As is the custom at the world-famous family business based in Nuremberg, Germany, the surface experts and passionate riders put their heads together for several weeks and considered their clients’ requirements as well as their own – and how they can best be met. The result: three levellers that can do anything and everything and are, of course, made in Germany.


The company founder’s son has just been able to put these new products to the test in Rio, where he and his team are currently building 33,400 square meters of riding surface for the Olympic Games next year. To make sure that everything will run smoothly during summer 2016, test events were recently conducted on the already installed part of the total surface. In addition to renowned and proven products such as the OTTO-PerforatedMat and the OTTO-ArenaTex footing, five OTTO-ArenaLevellers were on site as well, which, by the way, are available in three versions: BASIC, VARIO and DELUXE.


Detailed features of the levellers: The OTTO-ArenaLeveller VARIO is known for its flexibility, as it can be attached to the vehicle by means of trailer ball, towing eye or three-point-linkage system. Whether tractor, quadbike, Porsche Cayenne or Fiat Panda – the leveler connects with any vehicle. With its width of 1.8 meters, the leveller is ideal for usage in an arena of approx. 500 square meters. For arenas beyond this size, the OTTO-ArenaLeveller DELUXE with a width of 2.3 meters is called into play and levels any arena in no time. The DELUXE’s grid roll and its integrated spiral are split. This serves to avoid surface irregularities as the inner part of the roll spins faster during a turn as the outer one. Whether VARIO or DELUXE: smart mechanics make arena maintenance considerably more convenient.


For transport of the levellers outside the arena, transport wheels lifting the leveller can be brought down like child’s play by means of an hydraulic pump. No cranking, no manual lifting. Plus, the levellers are equipped with a steplessly adjustable hoof beat plow. This way, the client can accomplish a truly plain surface in the arena.


Another valuable feature are ‘spacers’ in the form of barrier wheels on both sides of the leveller in order for the outer ring to be just as perfectly plain as the rest of the arena. Then, literally nothing stands in the way of an undisturbed riding experience for horse and rider.

In addition, both VARIO and DELUXE are equipped with steplessly adjustable spring tines. The kicker: Not only are the teeth replaceable when worn, they can also first be lathed and, this way, used twice as long. This serves to extend durability and save cots. As if this was not yet enough, the leveller also has a steplessly adjustable levelling board.


During the preliminary stages of the Olympia project, technical details were of little interest to the organizers. They wanted to know practical facts. Is maintenance between the rounds fast enough? Do the levellers ensure that the footing is properly combed out and consistently plain so that all riders can compete under the same conditions? The result after the three-day test event under Sugar Loaf Mountain: The OTTO-ArenaLevellers passed with flying colors!


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