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Fiontini – Denmark celebrates World Champion in Verden

Verden – „I feel fine“, said Severo Jesus Jurado Lopez, and this was already obvious before the final competition was over. The Spanish rider in the saddle of the new five-year-old World Champion of Young Dressage Horses already showed the audience right and left side of the finishing line a brilliant smile. And the sense of well-being continued – because the 25-year-old Spanish rider and the Fassbinder-daughter out of a Romanov Blue Hors-dam won the WC-title with a final score of 9.18. She was just ahead of Fiontini’s full sister Fiontina. The two Danish warmblood mares were carried by surrogate mares, they are the product of an embryo transfer.

„She was always concentrated on me and my aids, a super horse,“ said the rider who felt a bit of the high expectations placed on him, “but when the competition starts, you only concentrate on your performances.” He had already won the qualifier with the big-framed brown mare. Following eighth place in the qualifier, the Danish rider Andreas Helgstrand now won the silver medal with the chestnut mare Fiontina, scoring 9.02 and thus complementing the sensational success of the breeders of both horses – Hanne Lund and Henrik Hansen from Denmark. But the title did definitively also create enthusiasm with breeders and owners when it comes to the next generation. Fiontini – new World Champion of Young Dressage Horses – and the Danish stallion Sezuan, 2014 World Champion and also favourite for the title this year, have already a common foal – Souvenir.

The best German horse of the WC-Final finished third, the Hanoverian stallion Quantensprung by Quando-Quando – Donnerhall, a noble liver chestnut with a first-class dressage pedigree. His rider Vera Nass, who presented Quantensprung for the breeders’ alliance B. Wahler and A. Böckmann in Verden, piloted the youngster with an easy contact and slight aids through the final test. The stallion received four scores of 9 and better – Vera Nass and the stallion earned top scores for all three basic gaits which was no surprise for Manfred Schäfer, Chairman of the Hannoveraner Verband. “Quantensprung was already very popular at the Stallion Licensing three years ago,” smiled Schäfer.

Quarton, Revolution and Quotenkönig top three of the Small Final
Two Swedish and a Westphalian warmblood have qualified for the Final of six-year-old dressage horses at the so-called Small Final. Quarton by Quaterback – Don Schufro, presented by the Finish rider Yvonne Österholm in Verden, won the Small Final with a final score of 8.46. Second place went to the black-brown gelding Revolution by Skovens Rafael – Fürst Heinrich, with the black-brown gelding, ridden by Anna Svaneberg being awarded a final score of 8.38. Third new competitor in the Final on Sunday will be the Westphalian stallion Quotenkönig by Quaterback – Fürst Piccolo under Lisa Lindner (Hünxe) with a final mark of 8.14. The results will certainly delight the staff at the National State Stud Neustadt-Dosse in Brandenburg a couple of hundred kilometres away as the chestnut stallion Quarterback, sire of Quarton and Quotenkönig, is the frequently used star of the breeders of the Brandenburg stallions.

Results Verden
3 CH-M-D-YH Dressage - International Final 5-year-old WCh-Horses, Preis der Kreissparkasse Verden:
1.Severo Jesus Jurado Lopez (ESP), Fiontini, 9.2; 2. Andreas Helgstrand (DEN), Fiontina, 9.0; 3. Vera Nass (GER), Quantensprung 3, 9.0; 4. Claudia Rüscher (GER), Florina 146, 8.8; 5. Kirsten Brouwer (NED), Five Star 2, 8.7; 6. Marieke van der Putten (NED), Four Legends, 8.6;

5 CH-M-D-YH Dressage - International Small Final 6-year-old WCh-Horses, Preis der Firma Kingsland BV, Norwegen:
1. Yvonne Österholm (FIN), Quarton, 8.5; 2. Anna Svanberg (SWE), Revolution, 8.4; 3. Lisa Lindner (GER), Quotenkönig 2, 8.1; 4. Anna Wendt von (FIN), Schubert, 7.9; 5. Ulrike Prunthaller (AUT), Bartlgut's Quantum, 7.8; 5. Ferdinand Fisch (GER), Marburg's Zardetto, 7.8;

9 CDI*** FEI Grand Prix - International, Preis der Firma Jerich International, Austria:1. Hubertus Schmidt (GER), Imperio 3, 77.300%; 2. Severo Jesus Jurado Lopez (ESP), NOHS Daijoubo, 70.880%; 3. Claudio Castilla Ruiz (ESP), Alcaide, 70.800%; 4. Catherine Haddad-Staller (USA), Mane Stream Hotmail 2, 70.700%; 5. Nadine Husenbeth (GER), Florida 94, 70.160%; 6. Jan-Dirk Gießelmann (GER), Real Dancer 2, 70.060%;

32 Qualifikation zum Nürnberger Burgpokal 2015 Dressurprüfung Kl. S* - St. Georg Special, Preis der Nürnberger Versicherungsgruppe, Nürnberg:
1 Abteilung: 1. Ann-Christin Wienkamp (Mesum), Royal Ascot 3, 75.488%; 2. Susan Pape (Grossbritannien), Harmony's Don Noblesse, 73.439%; 3. Kira Wulferding (Holzhausen), Benaglio, 71.098%; 4. Holga Finken (Potsdam), Simply Red 45, 69.415%; 5. Sandra Nuxoll (Österreich), Stand by me 11, 68.805%; 5. Isabel Bache (Norwegen), Sam's Ass, 68.805%;

2 Abteilung: 1. Jasmine Sanche-Burger (Schweiz), Baron 321, 74.610%; 2. Leonie Richter (Bad Essen), Babylon 26, 71.171%; 3. Therese Nilshagen (Schweden), Sean Connery 5, 70.415%; 4. Matthias Klatt (Hahausen), Riekus 3, 69.049%; 5. Johanna von Fircks (Bad Zwischenahn), Feodor Nymphenburg, 68.805%;

33 Piaff-Förderpreis - Vorbereitungsprüfung Dressurprüfung Kl.S***, Preis der Liselott Schindling Stiftung:1. Juliette Piotrowski (Kerpen), Sir Diamond, 72.632%; 2. Svenja Peper (Harsewinkel), Disneyworld, 71.842%; 3. Sophie Holkenbrink (Albachten), Rock Forever NRW, 69.447%; 4. Annabel Frenzen (Krefeld), Cristobal 14, 69.000%; 5. Sarah Erlbeck (), Amichelli 3, 67.026%; 6. Florine Kienbaum (GER), Doktor Schiwago 3, 66.974%;

17 Int. Zeitspringprüfung (1.40 m) CSI2*, Herrmann Dittmers Gedächtnis-Preis, Verden:1. Hendrik Sosath (GER), Lady Lordana, 54.99; 2. Philip Rüping (GER), Sadesso, 56.97; 3. Michael Kölz (GER), Diablesse HI, 57.13; 4. Hergen Forkert (GER), Con Color, 58.67; 5. Hendrik Sosath (GER), Cador 5, 59.04; 6. Esther Forkert (GER), Miss Cortina, 59.13;

20 Int. Zwei Phasen-Springprüfung (1.40 m) CSIYH1* - Finale Youngster Tour, Preis der ShoppingWelt Dodenhof, Posthausen:1. Gerd Sosath (GER), Cadora, 0.00/24.80; 2. Angelos Touloupis (GRE), Canani S, 0.00/25.53; 3. Markus Brinkmann (GER), Pikeur Dylon, 0.00/27.82; 4. Eva Bitter (GER), Such is Life, 0.00/27.84; 5. Gilbert Böckmann (GER), Lady Lamour 2, 0.00/31.70; 6. Jan-Phillipp Weichert (GER), Cool Blue Diamond, 4.00/25.90;

Press Release August 8th 2015

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DWB-Mare Fiontini ist the new Worldchampion of five year-old Dressage-Horses. Her rider Severo Jesus Jurado Lopez celebrates that victory. (Photo by Karl-Heinz Frieler)
DWB-Mare Fiontini ist the new Worldchampion of five year-old Dressage-Horses. Her rider Severo Jesus Jurado Lopez celebrates that victory. (Photo by Karl-Heinz Frieler)