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Spanish-Danish Co-Operation to win in the WC-Arena


Verden – This victory threw up a lot of talking points: Fiontini, a mare from the Danish warmblood breed, won the qualifying competition of the FEI World Breeding Dressage Championships for five-year-old horses with a final score of 9.48. The Spanish Sebero Jesus Jurado Lopez rode the mare, and a full sister of Fiontini was also represented in the field of WC-competitors: Fiontina, presented by Andreas Helgstrand (Denmark). All those who are now wondering whether Fiontini and Fiontina are five-year-old horse twins are wrong: They have the same genetic parents, however, were carried by surrogate mares.

Both are by the stallion Fassbinder, descend from the mare Rapitalá by Romanov Blue Hors and were bred by Hanne Lund and Henrik Hansen. The highly talented embryo transfer products wrote indeed championship history as there has never been a similar constellation in Verden before.

Sister-Act already in Denmark
Both mares already caused a sensation at the Blue Hors Championships for Young Dressage Horses, staged on the occasion of the Danish Stallion Licensing in March where they impressed multiple Champion Charlotte Dujardin (Great Britain). The double Olympic Champion was test rider at the young horse championships and was enthused about Fionini and Fiontina: “I honoured both mares with the highest score of 10, however, I would have preferred to award even higher marks such as 11 or 12 for their rideability – they are simply incredible. Fantastic horses.”

Great applause for Fiontini
No wonder that the Danish “followers” who travelled to Verden watched the WC-qualifier of the two mares full of expectation and enthusiasm. Severo Jesus Jurado Lopez was completely satisfied with the presentation of his sports partner: “She was supple and relaxed, I hope everybody could see that she loves to move and that she is completely satisfied.” The judges even awarded the highest score of 10 for her trot and 9.8 for overall impression. Loud cheering accompanied the performances of Fiontini, and this storm of enthusiasm also slipped over to the Grand Prix- and Riders’ Stadium.

Full sister Fiontina was presented by Andreas Helgstrand and finished eighth with a final score of 8.86 – both mares qualified for the WC-Final. Dutch horses came in second and third in the qualifier, the stallions Five Star by Amazing Star – Jazz under Kirsten Brouwer (9.44) and Four Legends by Wynton – Ferro with Marieke van der Putten (9.32). Best horse from a German warmblood breed was the Hanoverian stallion Quantensprung by Quando-Quando out of a Donnerhall-dam, presented by the owners’ alliance Wahler & Böckmann and ridden by Vera Nass (Bad Bevensen). His presentation was honoured with a final mark of 9.18.  The 12 best horses of this opening competition immediately qualified for the WC-Final on Saturday, three more still have the chance to qualify in the so-called Small Final on Friday.

Young Jumpers fascinate the audience
And while the athletes competed for the qualification for the Final of the global championships in the WC-Arena, the seven- and eight-year old jumpers had the opportunity to accomplish the first qualifier for the CSI. A Hanoverian gelding with Bernd Rubarth (Sottrum) in the saddle won the test: The Uccello-offspring Uthello jumped in 53.84 faultless seconds to victory, relegating a Danish jumper to second place – the Godsend du Reverdy-offspring Tailormade Gangster with Sören Pedersen (Denmark) in the saddle.  

Results Verden
1 CH-M-D-YH Dressurpferdeprüfung - 1st qualification 5-year-old Horses WCh, Preis der Firma German-Horse-Forum, Raddestorf:
1.Severo Jesus Jurado Lopez (Spanien), Fiontini, 9.5; 2. Kirsten Brouwer (Niederlande), Five Star 2, 9.4; 3. Marieke van der Putten (Niederlande), Four Legends, 9.3; 4. Vera Nass (Bad Bevensen), Quantensprung 3, 9.2; 5. Ann-Christin Wienkamp (Mesum), Sir Olli, 9.0; 5. Jeanna Högberg (Schweden), Springbank VH, 9.0;

18 Int. Springprüfung (1.35 m) CSIYH* - 1. Qualification Youngster Tour, Preis der Firma Land Rover Deutschland GmbH:
1. Bernd Rubarth (Sottrum), Uthello, 0.00/53.84; 2. Sören Pedersen (Dänemark), Tailormade Gangster, 0.00/54.73; 3. Mynou Diederichsmeier (Ganderkesee), Stenja S 2, 0.00/54.80; 4. Gerd Sosath (Lemwerder), Cadora, 0.00/55.78; 5. Joachim Heyer (Cappeln), Strombuli, 0.00/55.80; 6. Rolf Moormann (Ganderkesee), Samba de Janeiro 3, 0.00/56.53;

8/1 Dressurprüfung CDI1* - International 7-year-old former WCh-Horses, Preis der Firma Horsebox, Austria: 1. Allan Gron (Dänemark), Zick Flower, 73.728%; 2. Jan Moeller Christensen (Dänemark), Rossetti 3, 68.509%; 3. Tom Franckx (Belgien), Dolores v.d. Kwikaard, 68.070%; 4. Jana Freund (Kevelaer), Cassiopaya 10, 67.895%; 5. Ulrike Prunthaller (Österreich), Bartlgut's Quarz, 65.965%; 6. Stephanie Dearing (Österreich), Auheim's Del Magico, 65.614%;

8/2 Dressurprüfung CDI1* - International 8-year-old former WCh-Horses, Preis der Firma Horsebox, Austria:
1.Jordi Domingo Coll (Spanien), Mango Statesman, 73.947%; 2. Carina Nevermann-Torup (Dänemark), Sirikit 54, 73.289%; 3. Sandra Nuxoll (Österreich), Stand by me 11, 71.228%; 4. Katrien Verreet (Belgien), Bailamos Biolley, 68.684%; 5. Victoria Michalke (München), Duke of Britain, 66.140%;

51 Dressurponyprfg. Kl.A - Qualifikation 5-jährige, International Dressage Cup for Young Ponys:
1.Paulina Holzknecht (GER), Carleo Go WE, 8.3; 2. Zoe Gilbers (GER), Daddy Moon, 8.2; 2. Maike Mende (GER), Tiger Hill 3, 8.2; 4. Zoe Gilbers (GER), D-Day AT, 8.1; 5. Alissa Horz (GER), FS Dorian Gray, 8.0; 6. Shirin Brüning (GER), Vom Besten G, 7.9;

Verden online:

Danish Warmblood Mare Fiontini won the first qualification of five-year-old dressage horses in Verden/ Germany. (Photo: Karl-Heinz Frieler)
Danish Warmblood Mare Fiontini won the first qualification of five-year-old dressage horses in Verden/ Germany. (Photo: Karl-Heinz Frieler)